BOGO(buy one get one) REALTOR PRICING March 1/20 – May 31/20

Designed for professionals by professionals!!”

“Expertly crafted used only by certified industry professionals,  our consultation reports are room/space specific and include step by step resources for the homeowner to follow”

  • We will tactfully, graciously & thoroughly go through each area of the home conducting a step by step action plan for the homeowner to use. We will cover every detail and include sensible recommendations for any additional home improvements that may or may not be required prior to listing and photos.
  • Upon completion of the walk through we will provide at the time of appointment,  a beautifully detailed, room-by-room, 19 page report for the homeowner and yourself to use moving forward. This report offers superior value and is a great way to get your homeowners moving in the right direction to market their home!
  • Does your client require a little help “decluttering” ? Clutter is probably the number one concern agents have when listing a home for sale. What do potential home buyers see when they see cluttered spaces in a home they are purchasing? They see lack of storage space and/or uncleanliness. This could result in either price reductions or worse, no offers.  Why not include a detailed home organizing consultation as a part of your service package?!

*For projects requiring our assistance help, we offer free in home estimates providing several service packages to suit the homeowners needs and budget.  Fast, friendly, efficient AND FULLY INSURED!