Home Staging

Why Hire a Stager?

  • Staging has become an essential service when selling your home to present its best features in the best possible way. Your home becomes a product and like any other on the market, you want to highlight the positive features and minimize the negative ones.
  • The real estate market is always changing, however there is one thing that remains constant, the need to effectively market a home to appeal to the mass of buyers. How? By hiring a “trained and qualified” home stager and real estate agent that understand the psychology of today’s homebuyer.
  • Decorating appeals to the homeowner whereas staging appeals to the potential buyer in order to help them visualize living in your home. Staging a home is part art, part science and whole lot of passion! Did you know that only 10% of buyers can actually visualize themselves and their “stuff” living in your home?
  • 63% of buyers will pay more for a move in ready home. Our team at Home Interrupted understands what motivates buyers to love your home, leaving it to be on the market for less time with less showings therefore less “interruptions” to your life.
  • RESA reported that in 2018, 85% of staged homes sold for 6%-25% more than un-staged homes and 68% of those homes sold for at least 9% more!! So if your staged home and another un-staged home in your area were each listed for $550k, your staged home could sell for approximately $33,000 more!!
  • We offer free in home staging estimates complete with recommendations as to which one of our service packages would benefit your homes needs and your budget.
  • We won’t love you and leave you either! We will come back and make sure your home is still perfect and beautiful for viewing!

Do you want to have that edge over similar homes in your area?

Utilize Home Interrupted’s latest staging techniques!

What’s your next step?

Have either yourself or your agent call us. We can chat about your home’s current condition, size and possible requirements for potential enhancement. 

We can then book a suitable time to come in to your home and conduct a detailed needs assessment. 

You will then be provided with a free in home estimate for the services required to move forward. This allows us the opportunity to get to know you, your home and your goals.  We offer occupied, vacant and new home staging packages including beautiful, contemporary accessories and furniture rental where needed


Old or new, big or small, occupied or vacant just give us a call!

Home Staging Consultations

We will provide you at the time of appointment a detailed, 19 page DIY report that you can use to implement our recommended staging strategies in order to prepare your home for market. We will thoroughly go through each room and space in the home so that we can provide a specific step by step action plan for you to follow.

Our team will provide recommendations to make your home look amazing to potential home buyers. This is an opportunity to get to know each other, your goals, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


—–Staging Packages—–

All packages include an open house day follow-up visit to make sure its perfect and ready for its grand premiere showing!

Totally Interrupted Plus

(Home Staging and Organizing package): A  Full home staging, de-cluttering and purge to get your home not only market ready, but magazine worthy! We will even include our beautiful accessories and furniture where required for the time needed to sell your home. Which won’t be long!  

Totally Interrupted

(Whole Home Stage ) : A full home staging using our beautiful line of modern contemporary accessories and necessary furniture. This package will get your home on and off the market in no time at all!

Slightly Interrupted

(Mini Showcasing Package) Customized home showcasing including our awesome accessories. We will work together to get your home the attention it deserves!

Welcome Interruption

(Staging and decorating your new home) . After the sale is complete and its time to get settled in your new home we will come in and decorate it with all of your furniture and accessories. Let’s get your new home showcased right from the beginning and ready for a viewing party for all your family and friends! We will even have your home expertly cleaned!