March 1- May 31/20


This unique service is offered to homeowners to help with the transition to their new home. What the package includes:

  • Clear all spaces in the home one at a time.
  • Decluttering items no longer in use. Items that are broken, for donation or sale.
  • Categorize each kept item to be packed in specific boxes in order of room and priority of use ie. Kitchen, bedrooms. and bathrooms packed and placed for first off truck on moving day.
  • We will provide strong, sturdy boxes & bubble wrap and label each one to its room and contents.


  • Pre- closing day home inspection- one of our team members will accompany the buyer to attend the new home to offer recommendations on furniture placement and décor to help ensure functionality, focal points and flow is properly arranged right from the beginning. Clients can also discuss potential enhances to the their new space with us such as drapery and paint colours
  • Set up your new space. We will unpack and place all items in their proper location in a way that suits your lifestyle so that the new home is off to a decorated and organized start!

Bonus with the purchase of any of the above packages we will include ½ day organizing at 50 % off regular pricing to be used whenever you like! 

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