Hello Everyone! I wanted to let all of my customers know what we are doing to help keep you safe and healthy by addressing some uncertainty during these unpredictable times in our communities.   

The health and safety of all my customers has always been top of list! Since I spend the majority of my time in people’s homes I  have always and will continue to use every precaution necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy .

My tool kit is always stocked with hand sanitizers, rubber gloves, facial masks and disinfectant wipes and are used daily to limit the spread of germs and viruses . I always applied a common sense approach to everything I do. Just as I take care of my own home, any products brought into a customer’s home are wiped down or washed with disinfectant solutions to ensure there is always fresh and clean items in use at all times.

I am doing my part to ensure all recommendations by our government and community health officials are being adhered to;  things such as keeping a reasonable distance from others when out in public, avoiding crowded public places or travel and as always, following proper hand washing and other disinfecting procedures.

I am optimistic that this situation will correct itself knowing that our health professionals and scientists from around the world are working diligently on finding a solution.

I will be available to answer any questions or concerns regarding our services and will continue to closely monitor any developments as they occur. I am here to help, so  If you need to reach out for some friendly advice, feel free to contact me by phone, email or messenger.