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Interrupt: (verb) in-ter-rupt : “to stop continuous progress of an activity or process” Antonyms: continue, resume, expedite

Spring Lawn and Garden Clean Up- 15% off before April 30/22

Book now and save 15%. Start spring off right with a garden space clean up.

Springtime clean and purge

Season Swap, Organize and Declutter- 15% off before April 30/22

Living Life Simply with a Springtime Clean and Purge. Friendly service with FREE estimates.

Weeds Interrupted- Gardening services, weed removal

 Weeds Interrupted “Small Gardening Solutions”

🌿Garden bed weeding
🌿Trimming and pruning
🌿Garden design options including -general layout, plant placement
🌿Mulch Application
🌿Seasonal Maintenance Plans
🌿 Reasonable Hourly rate

Feel free to contact me to discuss your current weed needs and I’d be happy to come and see how I can help “Interrupt” those pesky weeds!

Take care!  🍀Alana 🌺


before weeding


weeding garden cleaning
After weeding and mulch

Our mission is to offer our customers, friendly, professional, and compassionate Home Organizing  & Space Design services with the least amount of interruption to their daily life and schedule.

By actively listening and focusing on how you and your family live in your home  we create balanced, creative and customized solutions for your spaces.

“Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life “ 

1 Thessalonians 4:11

We offer Home Space Design and Organizing solutions including customized concierge options:

  • Weeds Interrupted- gardening
  • Home furniture and accessory placement
  • Organizing Solutions
  • Home Space Design Solutions
  • Item take away service
  • Packing/unpacking for moving
  • Downsizing service for seniors and empty nesters
  • Furniture, décor and small room painting projects
  • Personal shopping, delivery & product put away service
  • Small curb appeal projects
  • Customized concierge services

Space Design and Function

Home Organizing 

Helping Hands/Concierge Services


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Our passion is to make your life easier, save you time and increase the functionality and attractiveness of your space.